Motor car brake pipe: ensuring reliable braking of high-speed trains

Dipped Hose Yarns

Hose Yarns

EMU brake pipe is an indispensable component in the braking system of high-speed EMU or high-speed train. It has the important responsibility of transmitting braking force to the wheels and controlling the distribution of braking force. The reliability of the brake pipe of the train is very important to the safety of the train and the comfort of the passengers.


Dipped hose yarns play a key role in the manufacture of motor vehicle brake hoses. This specially treated yarn is soaked in proper coatings to increase its strength and durability. Impregnation can strengthen the structure of the hose so that it can withstand high-pressure and heavy-duty working environments and maintain its stability.


Dip hose yarns have the following features and benefits:


1. Enhanced Strength: A coating of impregnated yarns provides additional strength and stability, allowing the hose to withstand high pressing forces and prolonged use.


2. Corrosion and abrasion resistance: Dipping treatment can increase the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of the yarn, prolong the service life of the hose and reduce the need for maintenance.


3. Compatibility with hydraulic fluids: The coating material impregnated with hose yarns is compatible with hydraulic fluids, ensuring stable and reliable transmission of hydraulic pressure by brake hoses during braking operations.


4. Structural Stability: The impregnation treatment provides structural support to the yarn, preventing the hose from being crushed, twisted or deformed, ensuring its good fluid transport properties.


In a word, the brake pipe of the motor car plays a key role in the safe braking of high-speed trains. Using impregnated hose yarn as a reinforcing material can improve the pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and durability of the hose, and ensure the reliability and stability of the brake hose of the motor vehicle. The continuous improvement and development of the manufacturing technology and material selection of impregnated hose yarn will continue to promote the performance improvement of the brake system of the train and the safety of the train operation.

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