Polyester Hose Yarn For Twisted Industrial

Production: Polyester Hose Yarn For Twisted Industrial
Minimum order quantity: 1000KG

Product Characteristics

  • High-tenacity
  • Advanced twisting equipment with high speed and high quality control.
  • Twist and twist direction can be customized. Twist from 60-150. Twist direction from S to Z.
  • Various specifications from 1000D-2000D(1110dtex-2220dtex)
  • Suitable for automotive rubber hose, industrial water hose, PVC hose, TPV hose, New energy battery cooling hose, Energy storage cooling hose, Surface protective cover for rubber and so on.
  • Fit for weaving/knitting process

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product Specifications Breaking strength Twist (T/m)
1000D (1110dtex) ≥70N 60-150
1500D (1670dtex) ≥103N 60-150
2000D (2200dtex) ≥140N 60-150



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