Straight Barrel Type Aramid Hose Yarn

Production: Straight Barrel Type Aramid Hose Yarn
Minimum order quantity: 500KG

Aramid Hose Yarn

Product Characteristics

  • High strength aramid yarn
  • Small range of strength loss
  • Paper tube type is straight barrel with 94mm inside diameter.
  • Advanced and high efficient twisting equipment and technology.
  • Various specifications from 1110dtex-3330dtex
  • Suitable for automotive rubber hose, A/C hose(air conditioner hose), Carbon dioxide air conditioning hose, oil hose and other industrial hose.
  • Fit for weaving/knitting/winding process

Product Parameter (Specification)

Specifications Breaking force(N) Elongation at break(%) Process
1110dtex ≥200 3±2 Twisted
1670dtex ≥300 3±2 Twisted
2000dtex ≥400 3±2 Twisted
2250dtex ≥430 3±2 Twisted



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