What is Hose Yarn?

What is Hose Yarn

Hose Yarn

Hose yarn is a type of yarn or cable used to make hose. It is usually made of polyester fiber, nylon, polyamide fiber and other materials, and has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Hose yarn is used as a reinforcement material for hoses, which can increase the strength, pressure resistance and durability of hoses.


What is Hose Yarn


Hose yarn is usually braided or wrapped on the inside or outside of the hose to reinforce the hose structure and resist expansion or stretching of the hose. It can provide the structural support and tensile strength required by the hose, so that the hose can withstand the flow of liquid or gas under high pressure working conditions.


The selection and use of hose yarn depends on the specific application requirements and working environment of the hose. Yarns of different materials can provide different properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. Therefore, when choosing a hose yarn, factors such as the industry the hose will be used in, the working temperature, and the applied pressure need to be considered to ensure the performance and reliability of the hose.