What is Dipped Hose Yarn

What is Dipped Hose Yarn

Dipped Hose Yarn is a specially treated yarn used to make reinforced rubber hose. It is done by impregnating the yarn in a suitable material or coating to increase its strength and durability.


Dipped Hose Yarn


During dipping, the yarn is usually soaked in a solution of rubber, plastic or other reinforcing material to fully wet it and ensure that the coating is evenly spread over the surface of the yarn. Afterwards, the yarn is dried and cured, allowing the impregnated coating to form a strong structure that holds the yarn together firmly.


Impregnation imparts the following characteristics and functions to the yarn:


1. Enhanced strength: The coating of impregnated hose yarn can provide extra strength and stability, so that the yarn has better resistance to tension and pressure. This helps strengthen the hose's construction, allowing it to withstand higher operating pressures.


2. Corrosion and abrasion resistance: Dip coating can increase the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of the yarn. It protects the yarn from chemical attack and friction loss, extending the life of the hose.


3. Easy to combine with rubber or other materials: The impregnation treatment can make the surface of the yarn have good adhesion, which is convenient for combining with rubber or other materials. This helps ensure that the hose does not suffer from stripping or delamination during use.


All in all, impregnated hose yarn enhances the performance and durability of the yarn by adding a coating or impregnating material on the surface of the yarn, making it more suitable for the manufacture of high-strength and high-pressure rubber hoses. This treatment provides the structural support and reinforcement needed for the hose to meet the demands of a variety of industrial applications.