Continental Germany's First Batch Of Sustainable Tires

Continental Germany's First Batch Of Sustainable Tires

On June 14, Continental announced that the mass production of its sustainable tires is an "industry first", containing up to 65% renewable, recycled or ISCC Plus certified materials.


Continental says the UltraContact NXT tires, available in 19 sizes, have the "highest" EU tire label ratings for rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise.


The company explained that, depending on the size of the tire, renewable materials make up 32 percent of the tire, with up to 5 percent recycled material. The tires also feature up to 28 percent ISCC Plus certified materials, including synthetic rubber and carbon black made from bio-based, bio-recycled or recycled raw materials.


Renewable materials used in tires include resins based on residual materials from the paper and wood industries. Other ingredients include silicates from rice hull ash, an agricultural waste that is processed into silica through a low-energy process.


Natural rubber remains the key "renewable material" in tires, whose recycled content comes from mechanically processed end-of-life tires.


In addition, Continental is using recycled steel wire, as well as recycled polyester fibers from discarded PET bottles, as tire frame materials.



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