Analysis on Market capacity and Development trend of Rubber Skeleton material Industry

Analysis on Market capacity and Development trend of Rubber Skeleton material Industry


(1) brief introduction of rubber skeleton material.


Rubber skeleton material is one of the important raw materials in rubber industry, and its main function is to withstand the internal and external forces from rubber products, improve the strength of rubber products, limit their deformation, and maintain dimensional stability, which has a decisive impact on the application field, function, service life, cost and value of rubber products.


Tire industry occupies the first place in the application field of rubber skeleton materials, and the development process of rubber skeleton materials is closely related to the development of tire industry. With the development of tire industry, rubber skeleton materials have gradually experienced the development process from natural rubber fiber materials to chemical fibers, high-performance fibers and steel wire skeleton materials. On a global scale, rubber skeleton materials have been developed into four main types of products: steel wire, polyester, nylon and strong rayon, among which the output and consumption of steel wire rubber skeleton materials rank first.


After the reform and opening up, China's rubber skeleton materials have experienced the transition from cotton (curtain canvas) to chemical fiber (nylon, polyester curtain canvas and integral core), and then developed steel wire skeleton materials such as steel cord, bead steel wire and steel wire rope, and developed high-performance skeleton materials represented by aramid. At present, China has built a complete industrial system with basically complete varieties and specifications, excellent product quality and perfect supporting facilities, and has become a major producer of skeleton materials in the rubber industry in the world, accounting for more than 50% of the world's total output.


(2) the market situation of rubber skeleton material industry.


According to the analysis of China Rubber Industry Association, with the gradual release of market demand at home and abroad, the rubber skeleton material industry seizes the opportunity and strives for progress in stability, the industry is basically in full production, and there are several cases of expansion and new production capacity. While facing pressure and challenges in many aspects, such as double control of energy consumption, power restriction, high operation of raw material prices, and surge in maritime freight charges, the annual output reached an all-time high, and the total industrial output value, sales revenue, export delivery value and other major economic indicators increased significantly, achieving a good start to the 14th five-year Plan.


In order to compete for the market and maintain profits, tire manufacturing enterprises continue to control manufacturing costs. The low-cost advantage of Chinese skeleton material manufacturing enterprises has brought broad opportunities for the development of China's tire skeleton material industry. At the same time, the upgrading speed of tire products is accelerating day by day, and tire manufacturers have put forward higher requirements for the technical research and development level of the tire skeleton material industry.


(3) the development trend of rubber skeleton material industry.


Energy saving, environmental protection and safety are the three major themes of the development of the automobile industry in the world today. The technological progress, product upgrading and development trend of the tire skeleton material industry are also mainly carried out around these three themes. The main development characteristics of the tire skeleton material industry are as follows:


1)pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection and strengthen technological innovation.


In order to reduce environmental pollution and better protect the natural environment, the automobile industry and tire industry pay more and more attention to environmental protection requirements and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Accordingly, tire skeleton material manufacturers need to develop more steel wire products suitable for green tires, improve the performance indexes of tire skeleton materials and reduce the use of tire skeleton materials on the premise of ensuring the normal performance of tires. in order to reduce tire weight, reduce fuel consumption in the process of driving, and finally achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.


2) Industry competition promotes the upgrading of industrial technology.


With the intensification of market competition, tire skeleton material manufacturers have taken various measures to adjust the product structure, including the introduction of new equipment, transformation of existing equipment, adjustment of product production ratio, production of new products, etc., which is conducive to the improvement of the comprehensive strength of enterprises. Tire skeleton material enterprises at home and abroad pay special attention to technological innovation and process improvement. Some well-known enterprises have established special technology centers and done a lot of work in improving product performance, production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. A large number of new technologies and new processes are applied to the R & D and production of tire skeleton materials, which ultimately improves their core competitiveness and directly promotes the upgrading of industrial technology.


The trend of lightweight development of tires and the national demand for energy saving and emission reduction have injected variety structural development opportunities into the tire skeleton material industry. To meet the needs of market development, the adjustment of the variety and structure of tire skeleton materials will pay attention to the following four aspects:


A, the intensity increases gradually. The use of various high-strength and ultra-high strength skeleton materials can lighten the tire, reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.


B, the structure is more suitable for tire production. The use of the new structural skeleton material can make the skeleton material combine more closely with rubber, so as to improve the tire strength and prolong the service life of the tire.


C, the variety is more diversified. Different kinds of skeleton materials can meet the needs of different tire performance, which is helpful to improve the tire quality and reduce the tire production cost.


D, the stability is enhanced. The use of skeleton materials with good quality stability can ensure the stability of tire quality, improve the qualified rate of products, and reduce the loss of raw materials.

Analysis on Market capacity and Development trend of Rubber Skeleton material Industry


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